Keijo is a Shonen-esque sports anime about, you guessed it, a fictional sport known as Keijo. This new and exciting sport is played on various water based structures known as Lands, and competitors must either knock their opponent into the water, or make them fall on the Land to win. However, you’re only allowed to attack your opponent using your butt and your breasts.

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The premise alone makes Keijo sound absolutely ludicrous, and I wouldn’t fault anybody for thinking that it is purely a fan service driven comedy. Make no mistake, Keijo is both titillating and hilarious, but it’s humor stems from the fact that it plays the concept of girls fighting each other with various butt and breast attacks entirely straight.

I believe that the creators of Keijo knew that the series wouldn’t have any real lasting appeal if they didn’t find an interesting way to present the concept. So rather than make jokes about how absurd the sport is, the joke is how seriously the show takes it, with a few references to other popular anime sprinkled in for good measure.


The hero of Keijo’s story is an 18 year old girl named Nozomi Kaminashi, and she dreams of playing Keijo at a professional level. In order to fulfill this dream, Nozomi attends an academy that specializes in training aspiring Keijo players. Along the way, Nozomi is joined by various classmates and rivals, each of which has their own unique fighting style.

As I stated earlier, Keijo doesn’t joke around about these battles, even going as far as creating three different types of Keijo fighters. One of Nozomi’s friends is a former Judo champion named Sayaka Miyata, and she is what is known as an Outfighter, someone who uses overwhelming speed to best the opponent.

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Nozomi herself is a speedy girl with a lot of power, making her a mix of two different fighting styles. Nozomi is also notable for being able to perform the legendary Vacuum Butt Cannon, a powerful and risky technique. It involves the user performing various flips in order to build up momentum, resulting in a devastating butt strike. However, the technique puts an enormous strain on the user’s hips.

The Vacuum Butt Cannon’s description is a perfect example of how creative the show is with it’s attacks. I never thought I’d compare an anime where girls slam their butts into each other to Pixar, but Keijo takes its premise about as far as it can go, much like many of Pixar’s movies.

Nozomi vs Cher.jpg


The show’s various attacks aren’t just thrown out at random, there is genuine thought put into each move’s mechanics and logistics. Sayaka has a technique that involves giving herself a wedgie in order to increase her range of motion, thus increasing her overall speed. Kazane Aoba, another one of Nozomi’s friends, has an ability called Scanning Hand, which allows her to copy the techniques of anybody’s butt that she has touched.

These are just a handful of examples of just how inventive Keijo manages to be with such a silly idea. What makes it even funnier is the fact that every single attack has an equally ridiculous and over the top name, complete with a dramatic shot of the character every time they use it.

Ripped swimsuits.jpg

Having such a diverse group of fighters means Keijo has some legitimately interesting fights. Since each girl has clear advantages and disadvantages, they must be creative with the way they approach their opponents. Similar to my statement about Pixar, I never thought an anime that depicts a girl making her nipples erect in order to latch onto her opponent’s swimsuit would have me on the edge of my seat in anticipation.

These fight scenes are complete with some pretty slick animation and choreography (though the former does dip in the last two episodes). Not only is Keijo really bright and colorful, but as a fan service anime, it has plenty of shots of the girls in various sexy poses, close ups on their rather well trained butts and plenty of jiggle physics to go around.

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I’m not ashamed to admit that I love fan service, and I adore series like Senran Kagura because of how openly it embraces it. It definitely isn’t for everybody, and I understand why people get upset when it is shoved into shows that don’t really need it. As such, one of the things I love most about Keijo is the way that it actually integrates the fan service into its world and story.

The girls aren’t scantily clad and busty for the sole sake of being sexy, as having larger breasts and thicker butts are actually huge benefits in the sport that they play. At the end of the day, the entire point of Keijo is the fan service, but I’m glad that it is at least presented with substance. Keijo is an anime that is fun in the purest sense of the word, and it is perfect for anybody that likes awesome fights, as well as curvy anime girls.


Nozomi vs Kawai 2



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