The world is filled with dozens and dozens of amazing anime series. Cowboy Bebop, Death Note, Dragon Ball, One Piece no matter what type of story you may be interested in, there’s at least a handful of anime that would satisfy you. But 2017 has blessed us with what I consider to be the most masterfully crafted anime of all time, and that show is none other than Eromanga Sensei.

That’s it, that’s the review. Go watch the show right now. I mean, it’s got something for everybody. Comedy, romance, beach episodes, light novels, heck, the show even has a tournament arc. How has that aspect alone not convinced you to watch it yet? Well, I guess I’ll just have to go into a bit more detail.


Eromanga Sensei is the age old tale of a young light novel author named Masamune Izumi. He’s found decent success at such a young age because of his intricate writing style, and the fact that his novels feature fascinating art drawn by the titular Eromanga Sensei. Nobody knows Eromanga Sensei’s true identity, but after a compromising situation, Masamune discovers that the famous lewd illustrator is actually his shut-in step sister, Sagiri.

Sagiri is cool and totes kawaii and everything, and her perverted tendencies make her all the more enjoyable to watch, but she’s far from being the best girl (though she does deserve endless head pats).  However, that doesn’t make her any more appealing to our dude Masamune. He’s practically head over heels for her, but he’s also kind of a baka, while at the same time being way smarter than most harem protagonists.


Masamune is probably the best thing about the show. He has a clearly defined goal, and is always taking steps towards reaching that goal. He’d honestly probably reach that goal a whole lot faster if he wasn’t having to deal with Sagiri’s difficult personality.

But things take a turn for the better when we met Megumi, a kawaii and trendy girl that is the same age as Sagiri. She’s the second straw that broke Masamune’s back, as she made him realize that modern middle school girls are unusually… savvy.

best girl.jpg

The next girl is Muramasa Senju, one of the most popular light novel authors in the world, and another girl that is the same age as Sagiri. Most people seem to believe that she is the best girl, and those people are definitely bakas. Everytime I see someone say this, I can only respond with “n-nani?”

No, no, the true best girl is the world renowned Elf Yamada. She’s a tried and true tsundere, so she already gets bonus points from me for that. Elf has personality in spades. She’s funny, charming, charismatic, majorly kawaii, and she’s even got some sweet skills on the piano. Come on, how could you not love the abundance of energy that pours out of her everytime she’s on screen?

elf and muramasa.jpg

The only downside to this show that the world obviously didn’t deserve is the fact that the best girl doesn’t win. But not all heroes wear capes, and sometimes, they even wear pink frilly dresses and colorful bows.

Eromanga Sensei is a masterpiece and you should watch it. If you don’t you’re definitely a perverted, ecchi, hentai, baka baka baka!

sagiri and megumi.jpg


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