The Playstation Vita, Sony’s lovable little high powered handheld. While it may not have set the world on fire in terms of sales, the machine’s build quality, as well as the staggering library of diverse and quality titles speaks for itself. I could go on and on about just how many amazing games are available on the console, but there are plenty of other articles and videos on the internet that have done just that (though I will say that everybody should give Persona 4: Golden a chance).

Instead of discussing games, I’d like to bring attention to the community surrounding the Vita. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the Vita easily has one of the kindest and most welcoming communities in all of gaming. Vita owners, myself included, absolutely adore the handheld, and are always more than willing to give helpful advice.

Gravity Rush.jpg

There are very few people that are more excited than a proud Vita owner that has just been asked “is now a good time to buy a Vita, what games should I get for it?” Vita owners never fail to be extremely cheerful when they recommend many of the great games on the handheld, because they know that there’s a type of game for just about everybody.

If you ask what games you should get for the Vita, prepare for an onslaught of titles being thrown your way. Vita owners want people to know about all of the noteworthy titles on the handheld, and they will sing their praises at every opportunity. More so than any other console fanbase, Vita owners buy games, which is why the Vita continues to receive as many games as it does.

Freedom Wars.jpeg

The Vita’s install base may be small in comparison to it’s primary competitor, the Nintendo 3DS, but this small group is passionate and dedicated. Vita exclusives typically perform well because the developers have their expectations in check, and Vita owners, once again, buy games and support developers and publishers that support the Vita.

But why is the Playstation Vita community so positive? I mean, there are plenty of other consoles that have amazing game libraries, but their communities aren’t nearly as positive as the Vita’s. My personal belief is that Vita owners feel that it is their job to champion the handheld. Sony has long abandoned any prospect of making the Vita successful, and big budget, home console quality titles are a thing of the past.


The Vita, as I’ve already said many times, is home to dozens and dozens and dozens of great games. While games like Persona 4: Golden, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Freedom Wars are some of the more popular games, there are still tons of other, lesser known titles. The Atelier games, the Legends of Heroes games, Severed, Soul Sacrifice, these and many others are fantastic games available to the Vita.

While I haven’t had a Vita since the beginning, I’m glad I made the jump when I did. I’ll say it again and again until I’m blue in the face, but the Vita is a handheld worth loving and supporting, and it’s a shame that it ended up in the situation it’s in. The Vita has survived purely on the strength of its passionate fans, and that group has expanded greatly over the years because of the positivity that the Vita community exudes. Keep on being awesome Vita fans!


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