In what is one of the more unexpected announcements of the week, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is getting even more dlc.

Road To Boruto

Shadow Clones.png

Road To Boruto is the next major expansion to Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Due for release in February 2017, the dlc pack will likely tell the story that was featured in Boruto: Naruto the Movie, (still waiting on that english dub). Road to Boruto will be available as either a standalone dlc pack, or packaged in as a part of a physical re-release of Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (similar to the Full Burst expansion for Ultimate Ninja Storm 3). Although Road to Boruto hasn’t been confirmed for release outside of Japan, I think it’s pretty safe to say that it’ll be coming to other territories sooner rather than later.

I honestly thought Bandai Namco was done with Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. I mean, in addition to the game already having tons of content, it has already received four other dlc packs. But to be fair, Road to Boruto seems to be much more feature rich than previous dlc packs, again, making it similar to Full Burst.

Boruto and Sasuke.png

Full Burst’s primary selling point was the addition of a new Sasuke and Itachi vs Kabuto boss battle, as well as Sage Mode Kabuto being a playable character. From what we’ve seen so far of Road to Boruto, there will, at the very least, be an Adult Sasuke vs Kinshiki Otsutsuki  boss battle (which will be playable at next week’s Tokyo Game Show). From here, we can make a few guesses as to what other content will be included.

The Next Generation

Boruto vs Sarada.png

Road to Boruto will likely adapt the entirety of the Boruto movie, especially considering the currently announced boss fight takes place at the beginning of the film. Mitsuki, Boruto and Sarada’s third team member, can also be seen on the box art, so it is likely that he will be included as a playable character.

Speaking of Boruto and Sarada, they were included in the original Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 as pre-order exclusive characters. With this new dlc being focused on Boruto’s story, it is likely that both characters will be released either as paid dlc, or as a part of the overall Road to Boruto expansion.


Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is an awesome game (though it does have some issues), and I’m super excited that it is receiving even more dlc. It’s really surprising to see more Boruto content being added to the game, as I had assumed that his story would be saved for future Naruto games. But I’ll be more than happy to jump back into the game, and experience even more epic, high intensity battles.


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