I Don’t Think I’m Cut Out For Writing Reviews

Concise reviews, at least.

Shortly following this post, my review of Sonic Rush review will go live, but it almost didn’t. It’s not that I don’t think it’s good or well written, it’s just really long. And that’s after I cut and revised certain parts to make it shorter.

As someone who is an aspiring writer, my biggest personal shortcoming is being too wordy. Prime example: at one point during my writing of the review, I was 886 words and 9 paragraphs deep before I had even touched on level design. And that’s a review for a 2D platformer, just imagine if I ever review an RPG like Kingdom Hearts or Persona. I’m also still pretty bad at formatting, though I am getting better. I just have a hard time deciding when to make breaks in thought for paragraphs.

My problem is that I always feel the need to be as descriptive as possible when writing reviews. In addition to giving my opinion on the game, I also have to provide an at least decent level of explanation for the game’s story and mechanics. Personally, I don’t really care how long a game review is as long as the review is informative and not boring to read.I mean after all, this is my blog. I can put whatever I very well please on here, and I’ll obviously continue to do so. It’s just that being long-winded is always something I’ve been super conscious of when it comes to my writing, and I really wanna improve on being more concise. I don’t wanna be that person that people just wish would get to the point already.

Also of note is the fact that these are written reviews, not video ones. I’ve noticed that people are way more likely to watch incredibly length analysis videos, as opposed to long-form written content, (my guess is because with videos, you can show and tell at the same time). I’m guilty of this myself. I’ve watched some really long gaming, animation and film analysis videos in my day. I’m confident that I’ve spent way more time watching than reading this type of content.

While I do enjoy writing reviews, I honestly enjoy writing opinion articles similar to my Sonic Unleashed and Kid Icarus Anime ones way more. I can spend as little or as much time describing and explaining things as I want during these pieces, because I’m not necessarily required to critique every element of the game, movie, etc. For example, I didn’t touch on the Werehog during my Sonic Unleashed piece but one time, and that was simply a passing mention. Were I to give an in-depth review of that game, I’d have to explain his mechanics, level objectives, playstyle, so on and so forth. That would be a real novel of a review.

I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be doing reviews in the future, at least not with this current format, but I will still be talking at length about various games, that’s a guarantee. Like I said, I love writing my opinion about various game design aspects, but only for the parts I actually want to talk about. Unless I look back at the Sonic Rush review and suddenly fall in love with the format, I think I’ll be leaning more towards general critique and discussion.

An example would be Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, which I promised a review for. Instead of producing a lengthy article analyzing every aspect of the game, I think it would be better  to write something that’s much more concise and compact, and focuses on a few key elements, such as the various improvements and flaws it has compared to its predecessor. The same things goes for other games I promised reviews for, such as Xenoverse 2.

I haven’t fully made a decision yet, but I’m doing my best to explore all my options. I really wanna take some time to look back on my Sonic Rush review, as well as some of my other opinion pieces. Rest assured that you guys will be the first to know when I do make a decision. Thank you guys for reading, and be sure to have an awesome day!



2 thoughts on “I Don’t Think I’m Cut Out For Writing Reviews

    1. Hey, thanks for the response! I’ve tried to stick to doing mostly opinion pieces, they’re much more enjoyable for me to write, and probably more fun to read as well. I contribute gaming related pieces to a site called NowLoading.

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