Over the course of the last year of so, Nintendo has talked a lot about wanting to do more with their franchises. They want their characters and franchises to be featured in more than just games and merchandise such as toys, clothes and backpacks. Nintendo has already made strides towards this goal by partnering with Universal Studios for a Nintendo section of their theme park. With a theme park attraction out of the way, the most obvious realms of entertainment for Nintendo to take a shot at are movies and television. Their only major attempt at making a movie is the infamous Super Mario Bros, but they’ve done quite a bit when it comes to television. The most obvious one is Pokemon, but Mario had the Super Mario Bros. Super Show back in the early 90’s, Donkey Kong had a cg animated show and Kirby had Kirby Right Back At Ya. Oh yeah, Zelda has a cartoon as well. These are just a few of the tv shows that they’ve done over the years.

Besides the Mario Bros, Nintendo has released an Animal Crossing movie. Released in Japan during 2006, (around the same time as Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS), Dobutsu no Mori was a fun little movie that did a good job of capturing the spirit of Animal Crossing. Nintendo has started to dip their feet into animation even more over the last few years with a series of shorts involving their other properties. Leading up to the release of 2012’s Kid Icarus Uprising, Nintendo partnered with 3 different studios to produce shorts based on the game. These shorts were Medusa’s Revenge, Palutena’s Revolting Dinner and Thanatos Rising. Shaft, the studio responsible for the Palutena short, also returned to animate her Smash 4 introduction trailer. Besides Kid Icarus, Nintendo also did a series of Pikmin and Star Fox shorts. Nintendo is showing an increasing willingness to expand their characters to the silver screen, and for my money, no franchise is more appropriate for this endeavor than Kid Icarus. But Fire Emblem wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

Kid Icarus Uprising is one of my favorite Nintendo games. I adored the shooting gameplay and the scope of the bosses and flying segments, but I was also greatly surprised by how much I enjoyed the story and characters. Nintendo may not mess with voice acting very often, but Uprising really knocked it out of the park. Every character had an expressive, enthusiastic and memorable portrayal. Tone wise, the game reminded me of a Dreamworks movie. The game was very humorous, with tons of tongue in cheek dialogue, but also had tense and endearing moments, and villains that managed to be funny and genuinely threatening. There’s not a single character or story element that I didn’t enjoy, and I would love to see an anime based on them.

Kid Icarus would be a great choice for an anime because of its varied tone. Ideally, I would want the anime to have a tone similar to Uprising, (i.e. a good mix of humor and drama). But Uprising did such a good job of building the world of Kid Icarus that I could see a Kid Icarus anime going in either direction. A Kid Icarus anime could easily be a comedy focused on slice of life style humor, similar to the Palutena short, or a high-energy action show with plenty of flying and fighting the underworld army, (while still maintaining the humor elements). I would love to see Shaft return to the helm for a Kid Icarus anime. Their style of animation that was featured in the Palutena short and the Smash 4 trailer fit the aesthetic of Kid Icarus so well. And the amazing cast of voice actors that Nintendo has found for the series helps too.

I really wanna see a Kid Icarus anime. While it may not be the obvious choice for a Nintendo show, I feel that it is a great fit. The big screen films will most likely be headed by the likes of Mario and Zelda, but other franchises such as Kid Icarus, Metroid,  Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem would be great tv shows. Animal Crossing has already proved that it could work well in the slice of life genre, and the stories of Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates are not much different than those found in Shonen anime. And I think I’ve talked enough about how awesome a Kid Icarus show would be. It shouldn’t be too long until we see what Nintendo’s plans for film and television are, and I’ll be right here to talk about it when they do.

Do you like Kid Icarus Uprising? Do you think it would make a good anime? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to follow me on Twitter to stay updated on the latest posts. Thanks for reading, and make sure you have an awesome day!


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