Following 2010’s Dragonball Raging Blast 2, Dragonball games went through somewhat of an awkward period. Raging Blast 2 was followed by Ultimate Tenkaichi, which wasn’t very good. Following this we got Battle of Z, which was a lot better than its predecessor, but still not amazing. Then came along Dragonball Xenoverse. Designed to be an all new Dragonball experience for the new generation of consoles, Xenoverse was a really great game. Xenoverse saw Dimps, the developer responsible for the Budokai games, return to the helm, and it shows. Xenoverse featured a story that put a new twist on the Dragonball mythos, a pretty robust character creator and fun, high-flying combat.

Xenoverse was tons of fun, but was by no means perfect. While the story itself was really cool, I was not a fan of some of the story missions, special mention to the Majin Buu and Cell Jr. ones. The character creator was cool, but was unquestionably biased towards the Saiyan race when it came to raw power and the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan. And getting certain outfits and abilities for your character was a complete chore, as the majority of the really good ones came in the form of random drops during parallel quests. Also, (and this one is a bit more nitpicky), I didn’t like the fact that everything took place in the hub world, Toki Toki City. Story missions, training, multiplayer, sidequests, item shops, all of this took place in different parts of the hub world. I would have much prefered certain the game to use a traditional menu system, as opposed to stuffing everything into Toki Toki City.

Xenoverse 2 looks to be improving on at least a few of the issues I had with the original. For starters, the different character races seem to be much more balanced this time around. Super Saiyans are no longer given infinite Ki for their special attacks. Instead, the transformation is more of a traditional power and speed increase. In addition, the Super Saiyan skill no longer takes up an Ultimate Technique slot, as transformations have been given their own unique slot. Speaking of transformations, it is likely that all races will have access to one in Xenoverse 2. The Majin and Frieza races have already been confirmed to have one, so it is safe to assume that humans and Namekians will have one as well. While the game still takes place entirely in a hub world, (this time being in Conton city), it does seem like players will be given the option to either fly or ride vehicles to more efficiently maneuver the city.

Like many first video game installments, Dragonball Xenoverse laid the foundation for what could be an awesome series. As I said before, Xenoverse 2 has already fixed many of the issues I had with the original game, even things that I haven’t yet mentioned such as combat speed and combo chaining. While there hasn’t been confirmation of changes to how players can obtain special costumes and skills, I have a pretty good feeling that they’ve heard that complaint quite a few times. Xenoverse 2 launches late October, with a pre-order bonus in the form of Black Goku from Dragonball Super to boot. And if Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta from the original Xenoverse, and Boruto and Sarada  from Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 are any indication, you may want to pre-order if you ever want to play as him. Expect a full review from me shortly after the game launches.

Are you excited for Xenoverse 2? Do you watch Dragonball Super, (I’m really behind). Let me know in the comments, and be sure to follow me on Twitter to stay updated on the latest posts. Thanks for reading, and be sure to have an awesome day!


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